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    Offers Engineering Services
    and Solutions
    in the field of telecommunications and civil infrastructure technology to our client
    throughout Malaysia.
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    Our Engineering Services
    are relevant
    in the private and government sectors
    for telecommunications and civil infrastructure
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  • Professional

    We closely monitor our project to ensure project is completed within the stipulated timeline.
  • Strict SOP

    We ensure our final results guaranteed and approved by the relevant authority and also our client.
  • Cost Effective

    We use materials & parts in accordance with international quality and safety standards.


This trenchless method offers significant environmental advantages over traditional excavate and backfill pipeline/ducting installations. Nowadays, this method is preferable for civil infrastructure installation and we are offering good and trusted engineering practices while implementing this method.
We provide on-site engineering services construction from site surveying until commissioning of the plants and also in making field engineering decisions. We offering various method of installation of pipe and duct instead of HDD depending on site condition such as traditional open trenching, micro trenching duct attachment in bridge and manhole/joint box installation.
We do provide engineering services in cable work such as pulling, jointing, splicing and testing for telecommunication and power cable. Our experts equipped with our wide range of installation and commissioning equipment is able to pin-point your needs and provide you with our exhaustive range of cabling work solutions.
We are also providing maintenance and corrective work for the damaged existing power and telecommunication network. Our team is highly experienced in restoration of damaged network within certain timeframe. We provide complete cable condition testing and advising our customer on their cable condition and required action to improve the network avoiding network disruption in future.
  1. We supply wide range of cable and civil infrastructure material and equipment for power and telecommunication. We ensure quality and reliable material is supplied based on the need of our costumer. We also supplying ICT, office and general equipment as we are registered supplier with Ministry of Finance (MOF).

Sutera Utama Sdn Bhd