Services / Cable Network Division

Cable Network Division

Komasi also undertakes system design and installation of Local Cable Networks by the means of ordinary copper cables and the latest fiber optic cable technology. This includes the complete configuration and specification of the equipment required for the project.

(i) Site Survey

The initial site survey is intended to review requirements and minimize installation problems. We provide experienced supervisors to inspect the proposed cable routes. Our survey report in response is issued with recommendations that may include:

•Potential obstacles
•Cable route plan
•Duct route plan
•Number of jointed and spliced points and their locations

Sequence of Activities

(ii) Installation

We provide experienced field personnel to undertake the installation of copper and fiber optic cables. Our supervisors and workers are telecommunication industry trained professionals conversant with cable installation and telecommunication equipment.

(iii) Jointing and Splicing

We are also offer complete jointing and splicing services for preparation of outside plant cables to field and pigtail splicing, including documentation.

(iv) Testing

We provide field testing of single and multi-mode optical fibers using various telecommunication industry testing devices so that the required specifications are met. This may include End to End Loss Test, OTDR Test, Bit Error Rate Test and Fault Location Test.

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