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Telecommunication Works

Komasi's involvement in the field of telecommunication services begins with planning, design, supply, installation and finally, commissioning of the local telecommunication network.

Planning and Design

Proper planning and design lays the foundation of a successful project and functioning telecommunication network.  It is extremely important that the line plan provision has been effectively calculated to ensure efficient, economic and satisfactory telecommunication services at the lowest cost possible.

In order to realize the above objectives, prudent and sound engineering principles must be applied during the planning and design stages.  Some of these activities are:

  1. Fundamental Cable Design
  2. Fundamental Duct Design
  3. Detail Design
    • Exchange Side Cable
    • Distribution Side Cable
    • Civil Infrastructure Works
  4. Documentation

Implementation and Commissioning

During the implementation stage, due consideration must be given to various activities, to ensure that they comply with the technical and engineering specifications as provided for in the contractual terms and conditions.  Once the installation is complete the network can be commissioned for use.

Cable Installation
Fiber Optic Splicing
TM Manhole Installation
Concrete Manhole Installation