Company / History


For over 28 years Komasi Communications Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Komasi Enterprise Sdn Bhd) has been operating in the Malaysia engineering industry. Komasi is an established and a leading telecommunication engineering company servicing a multitude clients, especially in southern Malaysia region.

The company has become a registered and approved JKH (Schedule of Rates) Contractor with Telekom Malaysia Berhad. The company has overall successfully completed over 100 million Ringgit worth of contracts with satisfaction. All technical staff in the company attended the training courses required by Telekom Malaysia Berhad and Commission of Multimedia and Communication. Komasi was the panel contractor for TM, FIBERAIL,FIBRECOMM,CELCOM, AL TEL etc.

Komasi began this journey towards ISO 9001 certification on August 01, 2005. The purpose of the implementation of ISO was to ensure that all activities within Komasi would follow the right operation procedures, be documented, recorded and continually evaluated.  In doing this Komasi became a more efficient and quality-driven company.

On February 28, 2006, Komasi Communications Sdn Bhd has been awarded the certificate of the Management System Standard ISO 9001 by the Det Norske Veritas Sdn Bhd (DNV).

Quality Policy and Quality Objectives

We are committed to consistently provide our professional services to specification as required by our quality management system. Our objectives are :

* To meet the requirements of our  clients by continually upgrading the quality of our services with a goal of zero
* To improve the competency, alertness and effectiveness of our human resources by completing all training    
required by our clients.