Company / About Our Company

Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to become a respected and trusted engineering and construction corporation providing infrastructure and construction projects to specification, especially for the telecommunication industry.

Our Mission is to provide engineering solutions to the telecommunication and construction industry which contribute to the building of this great nation.  We will continue to strive towards excellence by performing outstanding work which satisfies our client’s requirements and specifications, provides for our employee’s needs and maintains our commitment to integrity, safety and environmental sensitivity.

Core Values and Objectives

* Customer Centricity
Our customers are the center of everything we do. Our products, services and processes are tuned to their needs. We do the best in everything we do for our
customer, externally and internally.
* Competitiveness
To remain nimble, flexible and responsive in today’s environment, we will always strive for marker leadership, take advantage of market opportunities and  
maintain competitive edge.
* Integrity
We  recognise the fact that world class organization comprised of world class people-employees who are adaptable, engaged, diverse and eager to learn. Therefore, we are committed to putting the best people in the right places, within the organisation and giving them the right training tools and resources
to succeed.
* Passionate Team
We have put together an experienced management team to lead the organisation. The assembled team was chosen to large degree on the experience that they had within the industry.
* Discipline
We take  great pride in the principled, responsible and lawful manner in which we conduct ourselves and our business.


Komasi Communications Sdn Bhd will purse several objectives that will allow us to quickly gain market penetration and ensure complete satisfaction of our customer which include:
* To be a preferred telecommunication civil and infrastructure contractor in Malaysia
* To become a leader in the industry
* To be an innovative leader in providing telecommunications services through excellent quality of service with affordable price.
* Bringing high value, high quality products to the market.
* Developing solutions for industry operations.